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Contradanse Poem

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So here we got a sonnet, but the form was changed around to fit the sing-songy way a caller would sing-songy at a contra danse (also the pattern they move had some relevance to the post but i dont remember exactly). I originally wrote it for my baby while we were walking around a corn maze, but I integrated it into that massive DEATHRACE POST that I did against Infrateal.

Listen to hear me and command my Call,
Mind the motion to follow, rise and fall.
So look around you for a choice prospect,
and Form the big long line to pay respect!

Take a step to march an allemande left,
Need two feets to Contra, clever and deft.
Now balance in spirit, steady as sooth,
and Swing your neighbor like a baby ruth!

Gentle is the guide for the lady's through,
Twirl brightly yer dosey, pattern and hue.
Weave through the flow into a right-hand cross,
and Make love t’your partner as sweet as sauce!

Promenade tall on tip-toes with chins held high,
and - Rejoin that big long line for one more try!

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January 26, 2011 at 12:39 am

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Assorted Posts from Goebbel’s War Diaries 1942-1943

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Originally typed these up for this thread:

April 29, 1942 posted:

We have received the report of a deserter from Leningrad, according to which conditions there must be simply catastrophic. Even though there may be some exaggerations, it seems, nevertheless, that the food situation in this city of millions cries to high heaven. The deserter claimed more than a million people had already died of hunger. That may not be true, but nevertheless tens and hundreds of thousands of human beings are living there in the direst and most unbearable distress. The deserter claimed that a great part of the population was now feeding on so-called human flesh jelly made of the flesh of dead or fallen citizens and soldiers. The whole report is so revolting that it makes one’s stomach turn to read it.


March 10, 1942 posted:

To think what questions of domestic politics are laid before one in the course of a day! Should dancing girls be inducted into the Women’s Labour Service? If one doesn’t do it, they fail to get the necessary Nazi indoctrination; if one does, they become fat and ungainly and unfit for the dancing profession. We are now trying to put the dancing girls through special courses, and while organizing them as in a labour service, to give them a type of work that will not disqualify them for their profession.


February 18, 1942 posted:

In the evening I had a look at the Polish-Yiddish motion picture, The Dybuk. This film is intended to be a Jewish propaganda picture. Its effect, however, is so anti-Semitic that one can only be surprised to note how little the Jews know about themselves and how little they realize what is repulsive to a non-Jewish person and what is not. Looking at this film I realized once again that the Jewish race is the most dangerous one that inhabits the globe, and that we must show them no mercy and no indulgence. This riffraff must be eliminated and destroyed. Otherwise it won’t be possible to bring peace to the world.


intermission: some earlier entries:


March 12, 1942 posted:

Embarrassing consequences have resulted from the irresponsible and unpsychological publication of various court decisions. hereafter I am having all court verdicts of any national importance released jointly by the Ministry of Justice and ourselves. (GJ note: The Ministry of Propaganda) Our courthouse reporters don’t have the necessary feel for selecting and publishing verdicts according to psychological considerations. The publication of court decisions is not a question of mere publicity but of public education. In connection with every verdict we must ask ourselves whether publication at this moment will have a favourable or unfavourable effect. That is a matter which only our Ministry can decide in the end.


April 13, 1942 posted:

I am of the opinion that existing evils within the Reich cannot be removed merely by propaganda and enlightenment. We must put more blood into our propaganda. I am ing to try that for the first time in connection with our campaign for greater politeness. This propaganda venture is to be given real substance by calling upon the the public to help actively. I shall offer prizes, for instance, for the most polite traffic officer, the most polite official at the ration centers, he most polite waiter, et cetera. I shall make larger sums of money available for this campaign. Possibly the first prize will be a present of 1,000 marks cash. The public itself is to be the judge. By this method I hope to achieve more tangible results than by mere exhortations.


March 12, 1942 posted:

The House of Lords has once again taken a stand against the Arabs and for the Jews. It is surprising how much Jewish influence there is among the English people, especially the upper crust, which is hardly English in character any longer. The chief reason is no doubt the fact that these Upper Ten Thousand have become so infested with the Jewish virus by Jewish marriages that they can hardly even think in English anymore.


March 6, 1942 posted:

A frontal attack on black markets was made in the House of Commons. (GJ note: he means the British House of Commons) No bones are made about the fact that Jews were chiefly implicated in profiteering in the food market. Heading the procession were the Jewish immigrants who went from Germany to England. Jews awlays remain the same. you must either stigmatize them with a yellow star, or put them in concentration camps, or shoot them, or else let them saturate all public life with corruptuon, especially during a war. There is no halfway measure.


May 19, 1942 posted:

As regards the American journalists, the representative of the United [sic] Press, Lochner, is behaving in an especially contemptible way. (GJ note: the editor of the diary!) His attacks are directed above all against German propaganda and he aims at me personally. I have never thought much of Lochner. We made too much fuss about him. We can now see what happens in time of crisis.

Berndt handed in a plan for occultist propaganda to be carried on by us. We are really getting somewhere. The Americans and English fall easily for that type of propaganda. We are therefore pressing into our service all star witnesses for occult prophesy. Nostradamus must once again submit to being quoted.


intermission #2: 1925-1926 diaries


May 13, 1943 posted:

I have devoted exhaustive study to the Protocols of Zion. In the past the objection was always made that they were not suited to present-day propaganda. In reading them now I find that we can use them very well. The Protocols of Zion are as modern today as they were when published for the first time…

At noon I mentioned this to the Fuehrer. He believed the Protocols were absolutely genuine…. The Jewish question, in the Fuehrer’s opinion, will play a decisive role in England…. In all the world, he said, the Jews were alike. Whether they live in a ghetto of the East or in the bankers’ palaces of the City or Wall Street, they will always pursue the same aims and, without previous agreement, even use the same means. One might well ask why there are any Jews in the world order? That would be exactly like asking why there are potato bugs? Nature is dominated by the law of struggle. There will always be parasites between the strong and the weak. The principle of struggle dominates also in human life. One must merely know the laws of this struggle to be able to face it. The intellectual does not have the natural means of resisting the Jewish peril because his instincts have been badly blunted. Because of this fact the nations with a high standard of civilization are exposed to this peril first and foremost. In nature life always takes measures against parasites; in the life of nations that is not always the case. From this fact the Jewish peril actually stems. There is therefore no other recourse left for modern nations except to exterminate the Jew….

There is no hope of leading the Jews back into the fold of civilized humanity except by exceptional punishments. They will forever remain Jews, just as we are forever members of the Aryan race.

The Jew was also the first to introduce the lie into politics as a weapon. Aboriginal man, the Fuehrer believes, did not know the lie…. The higher the human being developed intellectually, the more he acquired the ability of hiding his innermost thoughts and giving expression to something different from what he really felt. The Jew as an absolutely intellectual creature was the first to lear this art. He can therefore be regarded not only as the carrier but even the inventor of the lie amoung human beings. Because of their thoroughly materialistic attitude, the English act very much like the Jews. In fact, they are the Aryans who have acquired most of the Jewish characteristics…. The nations that have been first to see through the Jew and have been the first to fight him are going to take his place in the domination of the world.


November 29, 1943 posted:

I drove to Reinickendorf and Wdding. At the Gartenplatz I took part in the feeding of the public. The men and women workers recieved me with an enthusiasm that is as unbelievable as it is indescribable. This section of Wedding, all around Acker Street, was at one time full of Reds. I should never have thought it possible that such a transformation of spirit and viewpoint could take place….

I had to eat with the people and was lifted onto a box to talk to them. I delivered a very earthy and slangy speech which won the hearts of the workers. Everybody accosted me with “Du” and called me by my first name. The people wanted to carry me on their shoulders across the Platz and I had difficulty preventing it. Women embraced me. I had to give my autograph. Cigarettes were distributed and I smoked one with them. In short, people were in as high spirits as at a carnival.

Naturally the destruction is enormous, but in so far as the people themselves are involved, they take it with the best of humour. They are firmly convinced that we shall be able to overcome the difficulties. They have only praise for the measures thus far taken.

Wedding itself is for the most part a shambles. The same goes for Reinickendorf.

I took leave of the people. They were deeply touching scenes. One woman had given birth to a child during an air raid two or three days ago; nevertheless she insisted on getting up when she heard I had come, dressed, and hurried to the Platz. We can never lose this war because of defective morale.


January 30, 1942 posted:

It is interesting to observe what importance the clever exploitation of religion can assume. The Tartars at first had a none-too-gratifying attitude toward the German Wehrmacht. But they changed about completely when permitted to sing their religious chants from the tops of minarets. Their change of attitude went so far that Tarter axillary companies which fought actively against the Bolsheviks could be formed. Our efforts there were supported by our propaganda companies who distributed a picture showing the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem visiting the Fuehrer. That was extremely successful.

[Haj Amin el Hussein was the Grand Mufti. he visited Germany early in November 1941, then went to Italy for about a month, then on his return to Berlin was received by Hitler on December 8, 1941. In August 1946 the British Government refused to have him come to London as a member of the Arab delegation because of his pro-Axis activities.]

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CHecklist of posts I need to add, in order:

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– Goebbels diary excerpts (or did I do this one already?)

– Contradanse poem (or did I do this one already too?)

– Analysis of Bordiga’s the Spirit of Horsepower

– Limp Mixbit and the Spirit of XXX-mas

– Step Up 3D review

– probably some older ones I’m forgetting…

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A short essay on the difference between Collective and Community

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If I follow myself correctly now, we go from multiplicity to individual, and back to multiplicity again. That means the next stage would be back to individual again. please see NGE: End of Evangelion for more details of what that might look like.

That long dead scion of saintliness, Soren Kierkegaard, long ago pondered this paradox: if an individual is part of a collective, then how, at times, must the rights of the individual be necessarily be valued higher than those of the collective? And if we are indeed all individuals, then how exactly does the collective then emerge from us?

There is a view of life which holds that where the crowd is, the truth is also, that it is a need in truth itself, that it must have the crowd on its side.There is another view of life; which holds that wherever the crowd is, there is untruth, so that, for a moment to carry the matter out to its farthest conclusion, even if every individual possessed the truth in private, yet if they came together into a crowd (so that “the crowd” received any decisive, voting, noisy, audible importance), untruth would at once be let in.

For “the crowd” is untruth.

Where the crowd is..a decisive importance is attached to the fact that there is a crowd, there no one is working, living, and striving for the highest end, but only for this or that earthly end; since the eternal, the decisive, can only be worked for where there is one; and to become this by oneself, which all can do, is to will to allow God to help you – “the crowd” is untruth.

A crowd – not this or that, one now living or long dead, a crowd of the lowly or of nobles, of rich or poor, etc., but in its very concept – is untruth, since a crowd either renders the single individual wholly unrepentant and irresponsible, or weakens his responsibility by making it a fraction of his decision. Observe, there was not a single soldier who dared lay a hand on Caius Marius; this was the truth. But given three or four women with the consciousness or idea of being a crowd, with a certain hope in the possibility that no one could definitely say who it was or who started it: then they had the courage for it; what untruth! The untruth is first that it is “the crowd,” which does either what only the single individual in the crowd does, or in every case what each single individual does.

For a crowd is an abstraction, which does not have hands; each single individual, on the other hand, normally has two hands, and when he, as a single individual, lays his two hands on Caius Marius, then it is the two hands of this single individual, not after all his neighbor’s, even less – the crowd’s, which has no hands.

This line of logic is important because it clears-up my confusion on the structural differences betwen Communism and Facsism. They’re both supposed to be carrying out the will of the people for the people, right? What? huh?  So what constitutes this will, anyway?  To answer, I extrapolate Soren’s line of logic further: if the individual is both himself *and* part of the collective, then it must be that the the individual emerges *from* the collective but is still embedded within its environment, like the Swamp Thing rising out of a sludge, a single material muxed temporally into two superimposed functions. Thus the individual risks disintegrating back into the goop if his individual will (freedom) cannot be maintained. That’s why I (and others) often claim that fascism is the end point of liberalism – it isn’t the only path that can lead there, of course, but inevitably *will* lead there – as its obsession with the individual for his own sake leads to crippling isolation and alienation from the world. (and I ain’t talking bout the world of plants and dirt here). And what is the power of one mere individual against these mashed up masses…? Nothing! Like that horse from the never-ending story, yer gonna get sucked back into that goop-soup faster than sand sinking into quicksand and no amount of tears will stop your fall, for “you” no longer exists… only by banding together in mutual respect, in a sort of self-supporting net, can we maintain our integrity!  Such is the dramatic importantance of community in a free society!


And so, on the structural makeup of Fascism:
As a drone is to a colony of ants, so is a person just a facet of the One Unified Organic State. The leader of a fascist state is thus no mere dictator who controls the fate and the fat of the State by the strength of his own hands. No, Dear Leader is a living, breathing conduit for power – one *through* whom is channeled the collective will of the people, in the same spirit and in the same spontaneous reality that a rope is a conduit through which is channeled the collective judgment of a lynch-mob. He is One with the State. There is no such thing as an individual, self-determined will, and subsequently no such thing as individual rights or freedoms. A spirit of Might-Makes-Right replaces morality, and culture is purposed towards a cohesive rather than expressive goal. Dear Leader is thus the one most fit to embody these values.

Now, both Communism and Fascism are related in that both are reactions against extreme individualism, both recognizing that the concept of an Ayn Rand Individual is a ridiculous myth within the context of an individual living within a culture. While a person may think of their ethics, desires, and will as being completely their own, all these things develop from, and will always continue to be influenced by, the ethics, desires, and will of other people. Fascism and Socialism are in essence opposite perspectives on the teleology of how the individual should develop within society.

And thus, on the difference between the leadership of Communism and Fascism that defines them both:
Communism is the effort towards the “full realization of human freedom” – for society to be a community rather than a collective. The difference is that a community does not suppress the individual, but is instead *made up* of individuals. It works, ecstatically, to enable the individual to emerge, triumphant and free, *from* the base collective as a conscious participant in the community! So, I guess Deleuze would say that in the same pithy way that Communism is Democracy, rather than Totalitarianism, developed by and channeled through mass movements.

And there ya have it, the difference between Fascist and Communist Leadership is equal to the difference between Collective and Community.

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Guy makes troll face IRL and ends up permanently disfigured that way

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Decided I’m gonna cross-post to my blog again, I guess I just forgot about it.  Anyways, I just read this and it is one of my favourite things ever; page 1 may seem innocuous but it just goes through the rabbit hole by page 2…

A picture of what happens to Vitaly Borker at the end of the article:



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catphrase: MRRREWoWwwRRR

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catchphrase: I Love one of the best sites ever!

º∞º. The man who kidnapped my husband and my wife, a very dangerous lawnmower man entity who cruises through the internet looking for people to drive insane. My mother told me he was born when two elf boys in second life had sex, however he is no noble elf, nor is he a man. he is pure malice  and the manifestation sexual fetishes that are very hard to express without 3d rendering software. DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN VISIT HIS WEBSITE. IT MAY GIVE THEM A VIRUS

what to watch for: pictures of women with beautiful haircuts that you can buy in 2nd life

catchphrase: Het

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Documentary on IDF’s offensive mouseholing strategy in Palestine

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Just remembered this epic article on D&G’s influence on Israeli Military Theory:

Naveh, a retired Brigadier-General, directs the Operational Theory Research Institute, which trains staff officers from the IDF and other militaries in ‘operational theory’ – defined in military jargon as somewhere between strategy and tactics. He summed up the mission of his institute, which was founded in 1996: ‘We are like the Jesuit Order. We attempt to teach and train soldiers to think. […] We read Christopher Alexander, can you imagine?; we read John Forester, and other architects. We are reading Gregory Bateson; we are reading Clifford Geertz. Not myself, but our soldiers, our generals are reflecting on these kinds of materials. We have established a school and developed a curriculum that trains “operational architects”.’4 In a lecture Naveh showed a diagram resembling a ‘square of opposition’ that plots a set of logical relationships between certain propositions referring to military and guerrilla operations. Labelled with phrases such as ‘Difference and Repetition – The Dialectics of Structuring and Structure’, ‘Formless Rival Entities’, ‘Fractal Manoeuvre’, ‘Velocity vs. Rhythms’, ‘The Wahabi War Machine’, ‘Postmodern Anarchists’ and ‘Nomadic Terrorists’, they often reference the work of Deleuze and Guattari. War machines, according to the philosophers, are polymorphous; diffuse organizations characterized by their capacity for metamorphosis, made up of small groups that split up or merge with one another, depending on contingency and circumstances. (Deleuze and Guattari were aware that the state can willingly transform itself into a war machine. Similarly, in their discussion of ‘smooth space’ it is implied that this conception may lead to domination.)

I asked Naveh why Deleuze and Guattari were so popular with the Israeli military. He replied that ‘several of the concepts in A Thousand Plateaux became instrumental for us […] allowing us to explain contemporary situations in a way that we could not have otherwise. It problematized our own paradigms. Most important was the distinction they have pointed out between the concepts of “smooth” and “striated” space [which accordingly reflect] the organizational concepts of the “war machine” and the “state apparatus”. In the IDF we now often use the term “to smooth out space” when we want to refer to operation in a space as if it had no borders. […] Palestinian areas could indeed be thought of as “striated” in the sense that they are enclosed by fences, walls, ditches, roads blocks and so on.’ When I asked him if moving through walls was part of it, he explained that, ‘In Nablus the IDF understood urban fighting as a spatial problem. […] Travelling through walls is a simple mechanical solution that connects theory and practice.’

Here, you can see an example of the policy in action:

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