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just wrote this in one of mrs. bardcramble’s threads about the army giving oxycotin to troops to simulate a maternal instinct dubbed “parochial altruism.” as a matter of topic someone posted that recent frontline episode (here) about the army manipulating soldiers brains with drugs despite dire consequences, the most serious of which, IMHO, is ambien.  here’s my cool post about ambien.  hopefully in the future i can dig out all the cool posts from SA’s that i’d write late at night while tripping my balls of on this stuff, including part of my epic deathmatch with infrateal and of course the troll after troll after troll in that aweful sadbrains thread, lmao.  just thinking back about it makes me smile.  i was able to revive my long-ago dead laptop with someone else’s battery today, so if i decide to splurge on a permanent new one i can get my post-history crawler up and running.

i saw that just last week, and my god is that scary. i really sympathize with those kids. 18 years old, stressed out, and the military gives them ambien pills to help them sleep. its no wonder they get so fucked up.
whats funny about ambien is that people assume that its just another sleeping pill, like as if you were taking benydrl or something. at first it kinda is, just like a really effective one, straight-up knocking you out within 10 minutes of swallowing. within a few weeks, though, your body starts to become tolerant to its effects. at that point, the sleepyness effect becomes less pronounced and… it becomes a hallucinogenic, a REALLY REALLY powerful one, like way stronger than any acid i’ve ever done. i was prescribed that for like a year for my problems with insomnia, and eventually had to stop because of intense night terrors that lasted sometimes for hours brought on by use of the pill. semi-opaque crowds of detailed figures (often people, sometimes giant spiderish shapes – more along the lines of that big ass spider robot from Wild Wild West With Will Smith than any biological spider – that would try to put wicker baskets on my head like a hat for some reason) were a fixture, as well as wormhole-like tunnels with other figures inside that would form at the corners of walls and doors. it got to the point where i’d sometimes wander around my apartment for hours at night, not fully conscious but aware of what i was doing, trying to communicate with some figures or shining a flashlight at the ominous ones in order to dispel them.

this isn’t like an uncommon thing. see what the soldiers say about it (“it fucks you up, gets you really high” is a quote off the top of my head) or try googling “ambien hallucinations” to find thousands upon thousands of testimonials just like this. my mom’s old neighbor used to be on it and she’d actually call the police because she’d think she’d see neighborhood kids cruelly trapped in cars and houses and under sewer grates. you’re only supposed to take it for a few weeks so this kinda shit doesn’t happen, but its addictive both physiologically and psychologically, because in its initial stages it is a blessed relief from a chronic, burdensome condition. and thats not even to mention the side effects, like short-term memory loss and congitive depression (e.g. critical thinking skills get shot to shit). god, to imagine our whole fucking army taking fucking AMBIEN, its just like, wow, really bad.


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June 19, 2010 at 6:14 am

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  1. just stopping by to say hey 🙂


    June 29, 2010 at 5:24 pm

    • well hellow to you too


      June 29, 2010 at 6:50 pm

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