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The difference between Community and Collective

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from this harrible thread, started perhaps by “Robert” disciple…?

Watermelon City posted:

I don’t think it’s that fascist leaders are the manifestation of collective will of the masses so much as fascist leaders manufacture the collective will that the masses rabidly consume.

Yes, but thus the fascist apparati becomes a positive feedback loop – the leadership is the manifestation of the collective will of the masses, but the leadership must also work to main the cohesion of the  collective will.  So,  ya get folks goin off the wire,  more and more and more extreme, ordinary folks becoming capable of extraordinary atrocities.  Fascism is a state ruled in totality by the collective sub-conscious mind.

Ironic War Criminal posted:

How is this different to Communism?

OK, Before I answer this, before I can contrast the leadership of fascism to that communism, in a meaningful way, I’m gonna develop a fuller definition of fascism than this garbage than we got so far in this thread.

To understand what a fascist leader is, you have to understand where he comes from, i.e. the process of his metamorphosis from cocoon to overlord in the context of his insectoid society. So, let’s start by using the OP’s reasonably accurate, if sloppy, definition of Fascism, that of a movement dedicated towards uniting a society into a sort of super-organic being that encompasses all aspects of social life. Or, more succinctly, as Deleuze would put it (to help Goatstein follow the discussion here), Fascism is Totalitarianism as developed by and channeled through mass movements. As a drone is to a colony of ants, so is a person just a facet of One Unified Organic State. The leader of a fascist state is thus no mere dictator who controls the fate and the fat of the State by the strength of his own hands. No, Dear Leader is a living, breathing conduit for power – one *through* whom is channeled the collective will of the people, in the same spirit and in the same spontaneous reality that a rope is a conduit through which is channeled the collective judgment of a lynch-mob. He is One with the State. There is no such thing as an individual, self-determined will, and subsequently no such thing as individual rights or freedoms. A spirit of Might-Makes-Right replaces morality, and culture is purposed towards a cohesive rather than expressive goal. Dear Leader is thus the one most fit to embody these values.

Now, both communism and fascism are related in that both are reactions against extreme individualism, both recognizing that the concept of an Ayn Rand Individual is a ridiculous myth within the context of an individual living within a culture. While a person may think of their ethics, desires, and will as being completely their own, all these things develop from, and will always continue to be influenced by, the ethics, desires, and will of other people. Fascism and Socialism are in essence opposite perspectives on the teleology of how the individual should develop within society.

Communism is the effort towards the “full realization of human freedom” – for society to be a community rather than a collective. The difference is that a community does not suppress the individual, but is instead *made up* of individuals.  It works, ecstatically, to enable the individual to emerge, triumphant and free, *from* the base collective as a conscious participant in the community! So, I guess Deleuze would say that in the same pithy way that Communism is Democracy, rather than Totalitarianism, developed by and channeled through mass movements.

And there ya have it, the difference between Fascist and Communist Leaership is equal to the difference between Collective and Community.


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July 23, 2010 at 4:00 am

The Nightmare Breakfast, Part 2

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the toothpick is really a lollypop stick =]

[Night Crew] (1:28:09 PM): ("MidiDude" bleepowns) slepy
[Night Crew] (1:28:09 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) omg
[Night Crew] (1:28:11 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) wow
[Night Crew] (1:28:12 PM): ("MidiDude" bleepowns) c u
[Night Crew] (1:28:16 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) sweet dreams
[Night Crew] (1:28:17 PM): (nicktonic) iam goin to bed gointo bed i am
[Night Crew] (1:28:20 PM): ("MidiDude" bleepowns) ognite
[Night Crew] (1:28:23 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) little australien dream
[Night Crew] (1:28:26 PM): (nicktonic) i said that last night when i was goin to bed
[Night Crew] (1:28:27 PM): ("MidiDude" bleepowns) zzzz
[Night Crew] (1:28:29 PM): (nicktonic) bye
[Night Crew] (1:28:34 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) theres australien accents in bleeps dreams lol
[Night Crew] (1:28:42 PM): (nicktonic) lol
[Night Crew] (1:28:55 PM): (nicktonic) im your spirit guide mate
[Night Crew] (1:29:00 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) yay
ImTallGermanJoe (1:29:43 PM): are you an animal spirit
[Night Crew] (1:29:51 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) yes
ImTallGermanJoe (1:30:03 PM): no i mean nick
[Night Crew] (1:30:14 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) why did you shoot that man in the testicles
ImTallGermanJoe (1:30:17 PM): you're a pregnant child not an animail spirit
[Night Crew] (1:30:25 PM): (nicktonic) a dingo
ImTallGermanJoe (1:30:36 PM): good animal for melon
[Night Crew] (1:30:41 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon)
ImTallGermanJoe (1:30:48 PM): you dont like dingo :???
[Night Crew] (1:30:56 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) he wil eat my baby
ImTallGermanJoe (1:31:01 PM): nothing to be scared of... go ahead, scratch him behind the ears
[Night Crew] (1:31:19 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) ok
ImTallGermanJoe (1:31:24 PM): nice doggy...
[Night Crew] (1:31:26 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) yay
ImTallGermanJoe (1:31:48 PM): just kiding u cant touch him cause hes a spirit and also hes gonna eat your babby
[Night Crew] (1:32:16 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) nooooooooooooooooooooooo
ImTallGermanJoe (1:32:20 PM): look you can see him barring his spirit teeth
[Night Crew] (1:32:23 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) aaaa
[Night Crew] (1:32:24 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) aaaaaa
ImTallGermanJoe (1:32:28 PM): hes about to dive right into your belly button
[Night Crew] (1:32:31 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) do please
[Night Crew] (1:32:35 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) nick ur my friend
ImTallGermanJoe (1:32:37 PM): look he's climbing up on the table
ImTallGermanJoe (1:32:40 PM): so he can do a swan dive
[Night Crew] (1:32:47 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) he will lisen2 me hes my frned
ImTallGermanJoe (1:32:48 PM): and hew ants you to lay on your back and lift your shirt up
[Night Crew] (1:32:53 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) no nono
ImTallGermanJoe (1:33:08 PM): here he comes... nice dive! perfect 10!!!!!
ImTallGermanJoe (1:33:13 PM): so elegant!!!
[Night Crew] (1:33:19 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) no i got up and run away
[Night Crew] (1:33:23 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) and i have a force feld
ImTallGermanJoe (1:33:26 PM): he did a swirly dive
ImTallGermanJoe (1:33:37 PM): he went down and swoooped over to where you ran
[Night Crew] (1:33:46 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) nonono i changed
[Night Crew] (1:33:48 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) my direction
[Night Crew] (1:33:51 PM): (nicktonic) i dont know what i did
ImTallGermanJoe (1:33:51 PM): very graceful curves as only a spirit can do
[Night Crew] (1:33:55 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) nick plase
ImTallGermanJoe (1:33:55 PM): so did he, so did he
[Night Crew] (1:33:59 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) tell joey hes wrong
ImTallGermanJoe (1:34:07 PM): (he did twice just in case you changed direction again later)
[Night Crew] (1:34:12 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) i only did it once
[Night Crew] (1:34:13 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) so
ImTallGermanJoe (1:34:16 PM): ok h4es in your belly now
[Night Crew] (1:34:17 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) were goi oposite
[Night Crew] (1:34:18 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) nooo
[Night Crew] (1:34:21 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) no hes nott
[Night Crew] (1:34:22 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) i promse
ImTallGermanJoe (1:34:23 PM): he's sayin, "howdy do baby!"
[Night Crew] (1:34:27 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) hes noT!~!!!!!!!!!!!
ImTallGermanJoe (1:34:29 PM): "howe are you!"
[Night Crew] (1:34:31 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) NICK PELSAES
ImTallGermanJoe (1:34:33 PM): "you can trust me..."
[Night Crew] (1:34:35 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) SPA_Sfj
[Night Crew] (1:34:37 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) please donttt
[Night Crew] (1:34:41 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) im pushing him out
[Night Crew] (1:34:53 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) and my pure heart energy is shieliding my baby
ImTallGermanJoe (1:34:53 PM): "want a loly pop? its the best flavour"
ImTallGermanJoe (1:35:10 PM): oh look the baby is putting the lolly in his mouth
ImTallGermanJoe (1:35:12 PM): oh no....
[Night Crew] (1:35:13 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) theres sparckles around my babgy and he cant get close
ImTallGermanJoe (1:35:16 PM): it was cranberry flavour...
[Night Crew] (1:35:19 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) STOoPPP)
[Night Crew] (1:35:31 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) i pushe him out of my b ely
[Night Crew] (1:35:33 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) hes out onw
[Night Crew] (1:35:34 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) now
[Night Crew] (1:35:36 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) hes outside
[Night Crew] (1:35:44 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) and i ran away
[Night Crew] (1:35:48 PM): (nicktonic) lol
ImTallGermanJoe (1:35:49 PM): hmmm you're right, he's outside
ImTallGermanJoe (1:35:54 PM): what's taht he has now...?
ImTallGermanJoe (1:35:55 PM): in his teeth?
ImTallGermanJoe (1:35:57 PM): is that a...
[Night Crew] (1:36:00 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) no my baby was shielded
ImTallGermanJoe (1:36:01 PM): a toothpick...?
[Night Crew] (1:36:05 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) from my heart energy
[Night Crew] (1:36:10 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) stop sayig that
ImTallGermanJoe (1:36:16 PM): heart energy musta been desert
[Night Crew] (1:36:22 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) nonono
[Night Crew] (1:36:26 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) he codent eat it
[Night Crew] (1:36:44 PM): ("lets not say we did then lets s" kongemgiant) toothy
[Night Crew] (1:37:42 PM): ("pregnant child" breadmelon) tiyr your mean
ImTallGermanJoe (1:37:48 PM): =[

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July 22, 2010 at 5:57 pm

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My friend wants to join the Army And I Don’t Know What To Do!

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a real fun time with this one. we were talking in aim blast about trolling Gaia like in the old days, and so i came up with this, in that classic Gaia style, after realized that i could write the same way for those classically Gaia posters of SA’s GOONS IN PLATOONS forum. the plotline is inspired from that last episdoe of K-ON but of course y’all knew that, and also, set-up in the OP but mostly in the replies, fucks with the logic, in fact the stated agenda, of invading a country with overwhelming military force will somehow bring self-determination to the people of that country.  WE”RE FORCING YOU TO BE FREE!!! lmao

anyways, good reaction to this thread.  the mod, trying to be ever so helpful, even started probating people for trolling it, and classylassie flipped the fuck out over it on AIM for daring to pal around with Our Brave Men In Uniform. (who are otherwise indistinguishable from the 18 year olds on Gaia)

Guys, I have a problem. A big fugging problem. I don’t know if you guys can do counseling, but I figure that since you’re all soldiers, then what *can’t* you do? Ok, hope you’re not too bored by this, because I just found out and I am majorly freaking out here.

OK, here goes. My friend wants to join the Army… but I think for all the wrong reasons. I need advice from y’all on how to mentor her about this, because I think she’s just totally confused and messed up, but hold on (hold your horses, as my old Dad used to say) and lemme give a lil’ backstory…

Ok, well, so… how to explain my friend. Well, she’s just kind of a goof. As soon as the summer’s over, she’s about to start her senior year of high school. She hangs out with a nice group of friends, me included, and we all play in a light music band together, light Rock music, real nice. We’re a real fun bunch, if you know what I mean.

But, my friend, even though we’re always so nice around us, she’s kinda shy. A delicate and fragile creature. Because of that, I guess she’s always kinda felt like she doesn’t fit in as well. Kind of a fifth wheel, you know what I mean? Know what I’m saying? Not as intimate with us as the rest of us are. If you’re wondering while I’m bothering with all this fancy psychoanalysis, so to why you should give a “fugg,” I’ll get right to the point: we’ve messed her up, and now she wants to get hit.

More specifically, she wants to get “hit” in the Army. More specifically on top of that, she wants to drop out of high school and join the Army. Do I need to be more specific than that?. So my poor friend, here she was in front of the big kitten-piles of girls, girls horsing around and playin’ pranks and gettin’ in pillow fights, (you know how teenage girls are), and my poor delicate friend, she’s always been on the outside, looking in. Oh, its all our fault, and we’ve never noticed! Can you imagine how lonely she was? All these years she’s wanted to be in on it, rough n tumbling, and now she’s totally messed up with some kind of crazy neurosis and she wants to be HIT. Like just goofing around with isn’t enough to satisfy her anymore. She’s got to have the whole shebang. She even asked us to hit her, straight-up PUNCH her, but we can’t couldn’t do it. She’s just too nice. Just a fragile lil’ creature. Our other friend, who’s so nice for doing this, even tried to help her out by showing techniques she could use to trick us into hitting her, like by pulling pranks and saying mean snippy snaps and stuff like that… but even that didn’t work. She’d try to wear a goofy outfit, but then it would turn out to look totally fabulous. Or she’d try to say something totally inappropriate, and someone would thank her for her honesty and integrity for saying what everyone else was thinking anyways. One time she tried to eat the chestnut off the top of my big piece of German Chocolate Cake, all sneaky like right before I was about to bite in, and had such a smug look on her face. But as it turns out, I don’t even like chestnuts anyways. And the failure keeps going on and on.

But anyways, back to the point. So now my friend thinks that in the Army, this “Army of One” is gonna be her new group of friends who will want to hit her all the time. She thinks its gonna be a dream come true. And I’m just like AAAhhhh, Its not gonna be so easy! The Army just ain’t no laughing matter! They won’t be so easy to get along with!

Who knows what kind of crazy devil put this thought into her head! (Edit: musta been one of those TV commercials now that I think about it) No offense to you guys, but this little girl is gonna ruin her life if she joins the Army! I mean, she wants to DROP OUTTA HIGHSCHOOL over this!! Or maybe, who knows, it’ll be her dream come true. I’ve heard that lots of people these days go into the Army to toughen up and some come out strong, responsible, and with a big head on their shoulders. What do you guys think? What have your own experiences been like? And… What do you think I should I tell her?

Please advise.


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July 15, 2010 at 3:06 pm

Ulyssess Explained: Penultimate Penelope reworked into concise, readable Prose

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*taps foot*

Every night I think over you and my heart skips a beat. Oh, these swaying memories are like marshmallows, light and fluffy! I’m always working hard (always trying hard) even though I’m always (even though I’m always) day-dreaming of your face… you haven’t ever realized, have you? Ah, but what if it’s all just a dream? (all a dream) So what – Then the distance between us has shortened! Oh dear God, way up above, please give this Dream that belongs to the both of us! So I say good night while hugging my beloved bunny… Light and Fluffy time! (light and fluffy time) Light and Fluffy time! (light and fluffy time) Light and Fluffy time!

*wakes up*

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July 12, 2010 at 5:54 pm

And so it goes with Faulkner

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Brendle wrote a thing on Faulkner, and I wrote another response =] just some little itty bitty words this time, but they’re  here.

Great article as always, M. Brendle.  That last bit at the end there, though, has got me thinking a little bit about the nature of truth. If real writers want to express truth, as you say, then what does it mean when a writer presents truth as a multiplicity – contradictory and inconsistent? There must be no truth in truth! And, carried further, even if some  perspectives on truth align, unless each truth is exactly the same as, inside and out, every other truth, then there must be some critical elements of each individual truth missing from their union.  Truth can never be absolute and truth can never be complete. So what good is truth to anyone?  For Faulkner, I don’t think it was worth too much.  But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, and in fact I consider it a transcendent glory – for is this not, truly, the existentialist credo!

To me, these true views on truth are spelled out most explicitly in that desperate scene from Absalom, Absalom, that pitted Tom in a battle with his half-brother Charles over the latter’s quest to find truth in love.  In an attempt to insist on a defacto victory, Tom relates a conversation that he had during the Civil war with his commanding officer: that it is his very feeling of righteousness that lets him know that a fight is just and noble, ending with the immortal line: “General Lee, I think I know what ‘Truth’ is.” The part of the memory he leaves out, of course, is the General’s response, who utters in utter disgust: “Truth…  dreams… hope… Where did they come from? And where are they headed…? These things… I am going to destroy!”  Moments later, Charles dies. I guess the message is that Real Truth, then, can never exist outside of dying man’s final fantasy.

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July 9, 2010 at 7:48 pm