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The difference between Community and Collective

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from this harrible thread, started perhaps by “Robert” disciple…?

Watermelon City posted:

I don’t think it’s that fascist leaders are the manifestation of collective will of the masses so much as fascist leaders manufacture the collective will that the masses rabidly consume.

Yes, but thus the fascist apparati becomes a positive feedback loop – the leadership is the manifestation of the collective will of the masses, but the leadership must also work to main the cohesion of the  collective will.  So,  ya get folks goin off the wire,  more and more and more extreme, ordinary folks becoming capable of extraordinary atrocities.  Fascism is a state ruled in totality by the collective sub-conscious mind.

Ironic War Criminal posted:

How is this different to Communism?

OK, Before I answer this, before I can contrast the leadership of fascism to that communism, in a meaningful way, I’m gonna develop a fuller definition of fascism than this garbage than we got so far in this thread.

To understand what a fascist leader is, you have to understand where he comes from, i.e. the process of his metamorphosis from cocoon to overlord in the context of his insectoid society. So, let’s start by using the OP’s reasonably accurate, if sloppy, definition of Fascism, that of a movement dedicated towards uniting a society into a sort of super-organic being that encompasses all aspects of social life. Or, more succinctly, as Deleuze would put it (to help Goatstein follow the discussion here), Fascism is Totalitarianism as developed by and channeled through mass movements. As a drone is to a colony of ants, so is a person just a facet of One Unified Organic State. The leader of a fascist state is thus no mere dictator who controls the fate and the fat of the State by the strength of his own hands. No, Dear Leader is a living, breathing conduit for power – one *through* whom is channeled the collective will of the people, in the same spirit and in the same spontaneous reality that a rope is a conduit through which is channeled the collective judgment of a lynch-mob. He is One with the State. There is no such thing as an individual, self-determined will, and subsequently no such thing as individual rights or freedoms. A spirit of Might-Makes-Right replaces morality, and culture is purposed towards a cohesive rather than expressive goal. Dear Leader is thus the one most fit to embody these values.

Now, both communism and fascism are related in that both are reactions against extreme individualism, both recognizing that the concept of an Ayn Rand Individual is a ridiculous myth within the context of an individual living within a culture. While a person may think of their ethics, desires, and will as being completely their own, all these things develop from, and will always continue to be influenced by, the ethics, desires, and will of other people. Fascism and Socialism are in essence opposite perspectives on the teleology of how the individual should develop within society.

Communism is the effort towards the “full realization of human freedom” – for society to be a community rather than a collective. The difference is that a community does not suppress the individual, but is instead *made up* of individuals.  It works, ecstatically, to enable the individual to emerge, triumphant and free, *from* the base collective as a conscious participant in the community! So, I guess Deleuze would say that in the same pithy way that Communism is Democracy, rather than Totalitarianism, developed by and channeled through mass movements.

And there ya have it, the difference between Fascist and Communist Leaership is equal to the difference between Collective and Community.


Written by meowywowy

July 23, 2010 at 4:00 am

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