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catchphrase: I Love one of the best sites ever!

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August 10, 2010 at 6:38 pm

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Documentary on IDF’s offensive mouseholing strategy in Palestine

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Just remembered this epic article on D&G’s influence on Israeli Military Theory:

Naveh, a retired Brigadier-General, directs the Operational Theory Research Institute, which trains staff officers from the IDF and other militaries in ‘operational theory’ – defined in military jargon as somewhere between strategy and tactics. He summed up the mission of his institute, which was founded in 1996: ‘We are like the Jesuit Order. We attempt to teach and train soldiers to think. […] We read Christopher Alexander, can you imagine?; we read John Forester, and other architects. We are reading Gregory Bateson; we are reading Clifford Geertz. Not myself, but our soldiers, our generals are reflecting on these kinds of materials. We have established a school and developed a curriculum that trains “operational architects”.’4 In a lecture Naveh showed a diagram resembling a ‘square of opposition’ that plots a set of logical relationships between certain propositions referring to military and guerrilla operations. Labelled with phrases such as ‘Difference and Repetition – The Dialectics of Structuring and Structure’, ‘Formless Rival Entities’, ‘Fractal Manoeuvre’, ‘Velocity vs. Rhythms’, ‘The Wahabi War Machine’, ‘Postmodern Anarchists’ and ‘Nomadic Terrorists’, they often reference the work of Deleuze and Guattari. War machines, according to the philosophers, are polymorphous; diffuse organizations characterized by their capacity for metamorphosis, made up of small groups that split up or merge with one another, depending on contingency and circumstances. (Deleuze and Guattari were aware that the state can willingly transform itself into a war machine. Similarly, in their discussion of ‘smooth space’ it is implied that this conception may lead to domination.)

I asked Naveh why Deleuze and Guattari were so popular with the Israeli military. He replied that ‘several of the concepts in A Thousand Plateaux became instrumental for us […] allowing us to explain contemporary situations in a way that we could not have otherwise. It problematized our own paradigms. Most important was the distinction they have pointed out between the concepts of “smooth” and “striated” space [which accordingly reflect] the organizational concepts of the “war machine” and the “state apparatus”. In the IDF we now often use the term “to smooth out space” when we want to refer to operation in a space as if it had no borders. […] Palestinian areas could indeed be thought of as “striated” in the sense that they are enclosed by fences, walls, ditches, roads blocks and so on.’ When I asked him if moving through walls was part of it, he explained that, ‘In Nablus the IDF understood urban fighting as a spatial problem. […] Travelling through walls is a simple mechanical solution that connects theory and practice.’

Here, you can see an example of the policy in action:

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August 10, 2010 at 4:08 pm

sweet sassy molassy

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ImTallGermanJoe (1:02:37 AM): phoney asshole
ImTallGermanJoe (1:02:51 AM): self-centered fuck
ImTallGermanJoe (1:03:00 AM): bet he’s crying up a fucking storm
adrugparty (1:03:34 AM): oh he is
adrugparty (1:03:35 AM): and its like
adrugparty (1:03:39 AM): when i say my real feelings
adrugparty (1:03:42 AM): he acts like i’m attacking him
adrugparty (1:03:47 AM): hes such a fucking little worm
adrugparty (1:04:04 AM): putting like all the burden of the relationship on me
ImTallGermanJoe (1:04:10 AM): terrible
adrugparty (1:04:18 AM): i hope a bird stomps on the ground
adrugparty (1:04:21 AM): and he thinks its raining
adrugparty (1:04:25 AM): so he comes up from his hole
adrugparty (1:04:27 AM): and the bird eats his head
adrugparty (1:04:28 AM): hahaha
ImTallGermanJoe (1:04:29 AM): ahahhahha

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August 3, 2010 at 5:06 am

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