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Kitty eats a Word Salad

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ImTallGermanJoe (1:02:37 AM): phoney asshole
ImTallGermanJoe (1:02:51 AM): self-centered fuck
ImTallGermanJoe (1:03:00 AM): bet he’s crying up a fucking storm
adrugparty (1:03:34 AM): oh he is
adrugparty (1:03:35 AM): and its like
adrugparty (1:03:39 AM): when i say my real feelings
adrugparty (1:03:42 AM): he acts like i’m attacking him
adrugparty (1:03:47 AM): hes such a fucking little worm
adrugparty (1:04:04 AM): putting like all the burden of the relationship on me
ImTallGermanJoe (1:04:10 AM): terrible
adrugparty (1:04:18 AM): i hope a bird stomps on the ground
adrugparty (1:04:21 AM): and he thinks its raining
adrugparty (1:04:25 AM): so he comes up from his hole
adrugparty (1:04:27 AM): and the bird eats his head
adrugparty (1:04:28 AM): hahaha
ImTallGermanJoe (1:04:29 AM): ahahhahha


Written by meowywowy

August 3, 2010 at 5:06 am

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