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catphrase: MRRREWoWwwRRR

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catchphrase: I Love one of the best sites ever!

º∞º. The man who kidnapped my husband and my wife, a very dangerous lawnmower man entity who cruises through the internet looking for people to drive insane. My mother told me he was born when two elf boys in second life had sex, however he is no noble elf, nor is he a man. he is pure malice  and the manifestation sexual fetishes that are very hard to express without 3d rendering software. DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN VISIT HIS WEBSITE. IT MAY GIVE THEM A VIRUS

what to watch for: pictures of women with beautiful haircuts that you can buy in 2nd life

catchphrase: Het


Written by meowywowy

August 10, 2010 at 6:38 pm

Posted in propaganda

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