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So here we got a sonnet, but the form was changed around to fit the sing-songy way a caller would sing-songy at a contra danse (also the pattern they move had some relevance to the post but i dont remember exactly). I originally wrote it for my baby while we were walking around a corn maze, but I integrated it into that massive DEATHRACE POST that I did against Infrateal.

Listen to hear me and command my Call,
Mind the motion to follow, rise and fall.
So look around you for a choice prospect,
and Form the big long line to pay respect!

Take a step to march an allemande left,
Need two feets to Contra, clever and deft.
Now balance in spirit, steady as sooth,
and Swing your neighbor like a baby ruth!

Gentle is the guide for the lady's through,
Twirl brightly yer dosey, pattern and hue.
Weave through the flow into a right-hand cross,
and Make love t’your partner as sweet as sauce!

Promenade tall on tip-toes with chins held high,
and - Rejoin that big long line for one more try!

Written by meowywowy

January 26, 2011 at 12:39 am

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