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A short essay on the difference between Collective and Community

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If I follow myself correctly now, we go from multiplicity to individual, and back to multiplicity again. That means the next stage would be back to individual again. please see NGE: End of Evangelion for more details of what that might look like.

That long dead scion of saintliness, Soren Kierkegaard, long ago pondered this paradox: if an individual is part of a collective, then how, at times, must the rights of the individual be necessarily be valued higher than those of the collective? And if we are indeed all individuals, then how exactly does the collective then emerge from us?

There is a view of life which holds that where the crowd is, the truth is also, that it is a need in truth itself, that it must have the crowd on its side.There is another view of life; which holds that wherever the crowd is, there is untruth, so that, for a moment to carry the matter out to its farthest conclusion, even if every individual possessed the truth in private, yet if they came together into a crowd (so that “the crowd” received any decisive, voting, noisy, audible importance), untruth would at once be let in.

For “the crowd” is untruth.

Where the crowd is..a decisive importance is attached to the fact that there is a crowd, there no one is working, living, and striving for the highest end, but only for this or that earthly end; since the eternal, the decisive, can only be worked for where there is one; and to become this by oneself, which all can do, is to will to allow God to help you – “the crowd” is untruth.

A crowd – not this or that, one now living or long dead, a crowd of the lowly or of nobles, of rich or poor, etc., but in its very concept – is untruth, since a crowd either renders the single individual wholly unrepentant and irresponsible, or weakens his responsibility by making it a fraction of his decision. Observe, there was not a single soldier who dared lay a hand on Caius Marius; this was the truth. But given three or four women with the consciousness or idea of being a crowd, with a certain hope in the possibility that no one could definitely say who it was or who started it: then they had the courage for it; what untruth! The untruth is first that it is “the crowd,” which does either what only the single individual in the crowd does, or in every case what each single individual does.

For a crowd is an abstraction, which does not have hands; each single individual, on the other hand, normally has two hands, and when he, as a single individual, lays his two hands on Caius Marius, then it is the two hands of this single individual, not after all his neighbor’s, even less – the crowd’s, which has no hands.

This line of logic is important because it clears-up my confusion on the structural differences betwen Communism and Facsism. They’re both supposed to be carrying out the will of the people for the people, right? What? huh?  So what constitutes this will, anyway?  To answer, I extrapolate Soren’s line of logic further: if the individual is both himself *and* part of the collective, then it must be that the the individual emerges *from* the collective but is still embedded within its environment, like the Swamp Thing rising out of a sludge, a single material muxed temporally into two superimposed functions. Thus the individual risks disintegrating back into the goop if his individual will (freedom) cannot be maintained. That’s why I (and others) often claim that fascism is the end point of liberalism – it isn’t the only path that can lead there, of course, but inevitably *will* lead there – as its obsession with the individual for his own sake leads to crippling isolation and alienation from the world. (and I ain’t talking bout the world of plants and dirt here). And what is the power of one mere individual against these mashed up masses…? Nothing! Like that horse from the never-ending story, yer gonna get sucked back into that goop-soup faster than sand sinking into quicksand and no amount of tears will stop your fall, for “you” no longer exists… only by banding together in mutual respect, in a sort of self-supporting net, can we maintain our integrity!  Such is the dramatic importantance of community in a free society!


And so, on the structural makeup of Fascism:
As a drone is to a colony of ants, so is a person just a facet of the One Unified Organic State. The leader of a fascist state is thus no mere dictator who controls the fate and the fat of the State by the strength of his own hands. No, Dear Leader is a living, breathing conduit for power – one *through* whom is channeled the collective will of the people, in the same spirit and in the same spontaneous reality that a rope is a conduit through which is channeled the collective judgment of a lynch-mob. He is One with the State. There is no such thing as an individual, self-determined will, and subsequently no such thing as individual rights or freedoms. A spirit of Might-Makes-Right replaces morality, and culture is purposed towards a cohesive rather than expressive goal. Dear Leader is thus the one most fit to embody these values.

Now, both Communism and Fascism are related in that both are reactions against extreme individualism, both recognizing that the concept of an Ayn Rand Individual is a ridiculous myth within the context of an individual living within a culture. While a person may think of their ethics, desires, and will as being completely their own, all these things develop from, and will always continue to be influenced by, the ethics, desires, and will of other people. Fascism and Socialism are in essence opposite perspectives on the teleology of how the individual should develop within society.

And thus, on the difference between the leadership of Communism and Fascism that defines them both:
Communism is the effort towards the “full realization of human freedom” – for society to be a community rather than a collective. The difference is that a community does not suppress the individual, but is instead *made up* of individuals. It works, ecstatically, to enable the individual to emerge, triumphant and free, *from* the base collective as a conscious participant in the community! So, I guess Deleuze would say that in the same pithy way that Communism is Democracy, rather than Totalitarianism, developed by and channeled through mass movements.

And there ya have it, the difference between Fascist and Communist Leadership is equal to the difference between Collective and Community.


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November 30, 2010 at 9:47 am

A Treatise on the Existentialist Philosophies of Kierkegaard and Heidegger in Macross 7 Final Battle

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Original @ Jan 16 2010.  needless to say, pretty much murdered the thread… also, in related news. anyways back to the show.

It takes just a single song of Rock N Roll…

I’m so very glad that there’s finally an existentialism thread here in the LF cool forum. Existentialism is like, wow, just so cool. Yeah this, yeah, this is the place where its at, you got the hoppin’ crowd here, that there Fyador Postoevsky, Mr. Kirkegard of course, Jonathon Larson, Hidedigger, my fav lil Applehead, and of course the transcendent spiritual force behind that that epic anime adventure, Macross 7. Who could forget their magnum opus, A Voice Reaching Across the Galaxy, where our hero Basara confronts the all-consuming nihilism of The Other HEAD-ON with the full glory of the human spirit? Here, we have truely the artistic companion of Being and Time and Nothingness – the most beautiful depiction of the actualization of Dasein and the will to impose existence before essence in a superdouble catchphrase whammy-jammy for the ages!

Lucky for you the link above is in high def and subbed beautifully… but here’s a youtube as not to break up the flow of this post…  jump to around 14:00 in the HD video or 5:00 in the embedded youtube and prepare to read some backstory…

Echoing away in-to the sky…

What we have here, oh dear oh dear, is quite a problem. Lord Geppelnich, leader of the a high-flying weaponoid aliens called protodevilin, has hatched a plot to absorb all Spiritia in the Macross region in order to use it to power a sort of biblical paradise for his people. (although they aren’t really people, but protodevilin) Sounds like a pretty evil plan, but, you see, like humans, the Protodevilin need to Spiritia Energy to live, the life force energy generated by human life, but not by protodevilin life.  sounds like quite a sticky pckle if you ask me.

Our wayward hero, the famous pacifist musician Basara, chart-topping hunk, is humanity’s greatest weapon. At the start of the series, a rich eccentric leaves him a giantic ultra-advanced battle gear piloted with an electric guitar-hero controller, well, just because he was such a big fan. Everyone was, like, WTF???? Why should this retard grasshat have control of one of mankind’s most powerful weapons?? But, it turns out, unbeknownst to all, that not only is Basara, like, the best pilot in the history of EVAR, but also that Basara’s music generates a Spirita energy so powerful and so pure that the protodevilin just can’t handle it.  …sorta like me when i get a big glass of chocolate weed milk.A nyways so there you have it.

Look off into the light of dawn…

here, we, at the climax. Basara and the human forces assault Geppelnich’s fortress (actually a fittingy MONSTEROUS transformation of Geppelnich himself.) They sing for the people… but something goes wrong… REALL WRONG. The spiritia absorbion has passed a critical limit, oh no – TOO MUCH SPIRITIA!!! – accidentally creating a sort of spiritia black hole that threatens to engulf the entire universe!  GEPPELNICH IS THE ALL-CONSUMING NIHILISM OF tHE oTHER MADE FLESH.

and soon all your troubles start to…

aahHH~h… so powerful… The humans cannot stand this ever more brutal assault. They sing, but they sing not just to sing, but because they see basara sing…. and then there’s basara too, but he sings not because he can see himself sing, but because the others see him singing. “Love will saaave, the world” – um ya right, just keep tellin yourself that sweetharts. Now slowly the singing fades away, melting away, you could say in fact, to that cackling madness of the awful horrible no-good inauthentic life, that “bad faith” of derived control of the Other’s Other…


The persona of Basara too melts all away. He is alone now, left with only his oldest, truest memory of his self – his oldest, truest desire. Here, severed from the universe and his physical body, he is confronted with the mountain, that gaddanged, ever-mountainous mountain, that which could be so large yet so fleeting.. what is it? what is this mountain?? why must i sing to the mountain?? why do i play my guitar! ahhhH~~ , alone with the mountain!  at last i understands! I SING TO THE MOUNTAIN BECAUSE ITS A MOUNTAIN AND I SING! I PLAY MY GUITAR TO MAKE IT MOVE! ITS GOTTA MOVE!!! BECAUSE BASARA! IS BECOMING! MOVEMENT!!!

<h1><font color={“rED”?>GTODAY IMG GONNA MAKE YOU MVOe !!!!!!!!![b?]



AaaHHHAHhhH~~~ NO!!! What’s this? Basara’s physical body was too far damaged from the previous attack! Now, But what’s this? We’re moving sofast now!We’re saved! Dasein expands to the whole of the environment, of course it cannot be bound by physical restraints! DASEIN IS BEING THERE, and by there, I mean where it is! A being is everywhere it is engaged, both the physical environment and the social mind. Sivil, a confused protodevilin fascinated with Basara’s joyful song, in an ephiphany, has finally understood this source of Basara’s power, and that she too can sing her own song, and that she too can create spiritia energy! So here she is! She arrives just in time! She will carry his body! He will sing his song! unstoppable! FLY AWAY~! FLY AWAY~! TAKE OFF INTO THE SKY~!!

But physical assault is impossible! Say, didn’t we just learn that Only the power of song CAN MAKE THAT MOUNTAIN MOVE!! so let’s keep trying until it moves! oh, move~ TRY AGAIN~! it sings~! TRY AGAIN~! at last, the joy spirita creation! BELIEVE WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT~!

this feeling running through me…

the! overwhelming, breathtaking, orgasmic! beauty of spirita creation!

It takes just a single song of Rock N Roll…

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June 24, 2010 at 7:37 am